PETER HUTCHISON – Director/Producer

Peter is an NYC-based producer and documentary filmmaker whose experience in film and television production spans well over a decade.

His numerous documentaries include “What Would Jesus Buy?” (Sundance Channel Feature) – on the work of anti-consumer activist and performance artist Reverend Billy - with producing partner Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me)”.

He also produced and co-wrote the award winning “SPLIT: A Divided America” (IFC Choice Indie), and it’s follow-up “SPLIT: A Deeper Divide” (The Documentary Channel) - explorations of the Red State/Blue State Divide and the corrosive nature of bi-partisanship.

In addition, he produced and co-wrote “Awake Zion”, a doc exploring reggae music and Jewish culture (Film Buff). More recently, he has directed/produced for television - for the Discovery ID docudrama series “Bad Teachers” (Atlas Media) and A&E crime doc series “Killer Speaks” (ITV Studios).

His production and finance background includes having served as a bond representative in the US and Europe for the film guarantor Film Finances International, and has written on film as a contributing editor for the academic journal ‘Afterimage’.

KELLY NYKS – Director/Producer

A Partner in PF Pictures and award-winning director of narrative & documentary films, Kelly has worked across Europe, Asia and America. He most recently directed and produced DISRUPTION - the story of the greatest crisis mankind has ever faced and the movement rising to fight it.

Kelly also recently directed and produced the critically acclaimed shorts MONEY IS MATERIAL & IMPOSSIBLE.

He produced and directed DO THE MATH - chronicling America's preeminent environmentalist Bill McKibben in a david-vs-goliath battle to fight the fossil fuel industry and change the terrifying math of the climate crisis.

Kelly wrote, directed and produced SPLIT: A DEEPER DIVIDE – a non-partisan investigation of the US political divide hailed by Variety as a ‘solid, evenhanded spur for discussion’ and ‘a Must See’ by The Examiner. International broadcasts include Germany (ZDF), Japan (NHK), Austria (ORF), Spain (MultiCanal), Finland (YLE), Israel (Channel Eight) and Taiwan (PTS).

His directorial debut SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA won Best Documentary and Audience Favorite awards at festivals nationwide, was broadcast domestically (IFC) and internationally (Films Transit) and cornerstoned a nationwide educational campaign to educate First Time Voters in partnership with the National Council for the Social Studies and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Through the US State Department Public Diplomacy Speakers Program Kelly has screened the film in cities around the world including Beijing, Berlin, Madrid, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Taipei, Barcelona, Munich, Brussels, Paris and Valencia, among others.

He is currently Artist in Residence at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, where he works with professors across a range of disciplines, including collaborating with Michael Sandel on short-form documentaries for the course Money, Markets and Morals, currently the most popularly attended course at Harvard College.

A sought-after commentator, Kelly has appeared on CNN, ABC, CBS, Al Jazeera America, TV3 (Spain), NOS (The Netherlands) among others, has written opinion pieces for the Huffington Post, RealScreen and participated as a panelist at festivals across the country including SXSW, DOCNYC, among others.

JARED P. SCOTT – Director/Producer

Jared P. Scott is an award-winning filmmaker and founding partner at PF Pictures.

He wrote, directed and produced THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES (2016) - an unflinching investigation of how climate change impacts interact with societal tensions, sparking conflict (Hot Docs, Sheffield Doc/Fest).

Jared wrote, directed and produced the #1 Doc on - DISRUPTION (2014) - a story of climate and social tipping points that galvanized the largest climate march in the history of the planet (free worldwide streaming:

He wrote, directed and produced DO THE MATH (2013) - Bill McKibben's three numbers that sum up the climate crisis (Al-Jazeera & worldwide).

Jared wrote, directed, and produced THE ARTIFICIAL LEAF (2013) - a Focus Forward Jury Prize winner at Sundance. The film premiered alongside shorts by Morgan Spurlock, Alex Gibney, Lucy Walker, and Albert Maysles.

He also directed and produced the critically acclaimed shorts MONEY IS MATERIAL (2013) & IMPOSSIBLE (2014) - both Vimeo Staff Picks.

Jared produced SPLIT: A DEEPER DIVIDE (2012) and SPLIT: A DIVIDED AMERICA (2009) - a two-part investigation of the divided states of America which premiered on IFC and later The Documentary Channel, Pivot, and iTunes & Amazon. The films garnered global acclaim (AFI, First Take, Hulu, IMDB awards) and sold to over 20 markets including the broadcasters ZDF, NHK, ORF, Multicanal, YLE, CH 8, PTS, & EO.

A seasoned speaker, Jared has delivered keynote addresses at both COP 20 and COP 21, appeared on Huff Post Live, ABC, NBC, Al-Jazeera, and presented at The New School, NYU, and Carnegie Mellon University.