We’re humbled by the breadth of support REQUIEM has received – nearly 900 backers from all corners of the globe came together through our Kickstarter campaign to create finishing funds for the film.  A resounding endorsement of the importance of Chomsky’s work, and timeliness of the film.

But our work has only begun – we need funds to give our project a life beyond a festival premiere. Each additional dollar raised will help us cultivate community & educational outreach programs for the film – and build upon the grassroots movement already begun.

These funds will provide us with resources to make our film distribution-ready and begin exhibiting to audiences at festivals, community screenings, and classrooms at high schools and universities. It will also support our efforts in working with like-minded partner organizations – and creating the non-traditional distribution network so important for a film like this one to be seen by as many people as possible.

Please give what you can, and help us continue to spread the word to bring Noam’s work to a broader audience.

By way of thanks, we’ll be extending the same rewards for supporters as offered during our Kickstarter Campaign

For you traditionalists, checks and money orders can be made out to: “American Dream Pictures, LLC” c/o PO Box 110722, Brooklyn, NY 11211

For you modernists, We’re in the process of setting up options to contribute via Amazon – expanding upon the below: